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We serve fresh food all day, every day (12 noon - 10pm), using seasonal & ethical ingredients from trusted local suppliers.

Our full menu & daily specials are available in both our restaurant & bar.

We're more than happy to change our dishes to cater for any allergies, please talk to the team & we can discuss dishes with you.

We are proud to use royal warranted Warwickshire butcher Aubrey Allen for all of steaks; 28 day dry-aged Aberdeen beef for tenderness & an intensified flavour.  We use that same top quality beef in our homemade Royal Oak Burgers. Our pork is sourced from free-range pig farmer Jimmy Butler down in Suffolk, & you can be assured we always use the best Corn-fed Cotswold Chicken, bread from Lawrence’s, our local bakers. We use native, responsibly caught fish, fruit and vegetables from Rob Bowers, Evesham's local greengrocer, & our Free-range Eggs come from a lady just down the road.

Here's a bit about our brilliant pig farmer…Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is our free-range pig farmer, based on the coast in Suffolk. He supplies our Sunday Roast Pork, Sausages, Belly Pork, Pork T-Bones, Bacon for breakfast (basically all of our Pork!) All of Jimmy’s pigs are born outside, spending their entire life outdoors, with fresh air in large paddocks and sandy Suffolk soil to root around in with their peers! As the pigs have all this extra space and activity levels, compared to pigs enclosed in a concrete pen, they burn more calories and therefore grow at a slower rate. This means the pork acquires a traditional flavour and succulence that has been long forgotten in mass produced pork. Jimmy’s pigs also benefit from the cool coastal breeze, giving the pork a fantastic taste and perfect for crackling - the sea salt in the air is as natural a seasoning as you can get! The pigs that we serve you are all female gilts, with just the right fat cover and shape. Jimmy’s lucky pigs are also fed the left over apples that are used to make Aspalls Cyder (which we serve on our Bar!).


Here's a bit about our award winning Butcher, Aubrey Allen

Aubrey Allen supplies all of our Beef from the meat for our Roast Beef, the Mincemeat for our Burgers to our fantastic Rump Steaks! All of their Beef is left to hang on the bone for a minimum of 21 days, creating super tender and tasty Beef! They use traditional breeds from suckler herds, which are bred for breeding, so they are allowed to develop slowly, gently building muscle full of flavour with just the right amount of fat coverage. All their cows are grass-fed, giving extra flavour and 2-4 times the amount of omega 3 fatty acids than you will get from grain-fed herds. Omega 3 fatty acids are 'good' fats and are needed by every cell in your body, they're very important components of cell membranes. Lastly, they're royal warranted, and if they're good enough for the Queen, then they're good enough for us!
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